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Fun Flower Farm is a beautiful blockchain game where you can plant, chop, mine, craft & collect resources and NFTs while earning the $FFF token

  1. Free to play - No Paywall
  2. Tokenomics - $FFF Token
  3. Community Owned - Open Source
  4. DAO

The Game

Funflower Farm is a MetaVerse game with endless opportunities. You can farm, chop, mine, craft and more as you build your farming empire. We are passionate about building a MetaVerse that is shaped and designed by the community. The game reflects real life economic supply and demand with an in-built mechanism which makes resources scarcer as time progresses. Every item you harvest, gather or craft is own-able on the Polygon Blockchain. This enables people to collect valuable and exotic resources and then share them with friends or list them on supported trading platforms such as OpenSea.

Play, Earn and Craft

Funflower farmers are on quest to explore the land, collect exotic resources and craft new items. Everything you collect throughout Funflower Farm is identifiable on the Blockchain as either a NFT on Fungible Token. To craft an NFT you must plant, harvest, chop, mine, fish and collect all the ingredients needed to craft the NFT. In other words, you must work hard for it!
The FFF Token contract is in polygon mainnet.

Token Address Action
$FFF 0xECB21349DCfCb48b9Bd51B70A7618E5Fa00d2041 BUY

Play and start earning $FFF!

Play and Earn with Fun Flower Farm

Tech Stack

  1. React
  2. typescript
  3. Polygon
  4. AWS lambda & Duynamo DB
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