Getting Started

New users are also investors

Welcome to web3! Where every user that play funflower farm and hold $FFF token is also an investor and has vote to modify the project in the DAO. Early users earn FFF faster, we encourage every user to start farming right now!

Start Playing and Owner

To play fun flower farm you don’t need a crypto wallet or to know anything about crypto, you only need to enter here and play! Also we don’t have any pay wall or to buy any NFT to be able to play!

Funflower Farm main image

When do i need a crypto wallet?

Users will need to download metamask crypto wallet for the next use cases:

  1. Secure your account. When a user start playing the game, it’s account is a GUEST account and all the authentication keys are saved in the browser, therefore if the browser cache is deleted, all the progess is lost. To avoid that you must link your guest account to you metamask wallet, after that is a complete account and the authentication data is store in your wallet therefore if the browser cache is deleted you can login with metamask anyway. To link your account enter the “Bank” Bank Image
  2. To be able to withdraw your $FFF tokens
  3. To be able to deposit your bought $FFF tokens
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