Open Source Collaborators

We are Open Source

Ownership and Transparency

Any web3 application should be transparent to his users that also are owners and investors. For developer is a real opportunity to own and also improve the software to add value to the project and therefore to their investment.

Being an Investor and a developer at the same time

For first time in history a developer can be an investor and add value at the same time without permisson, you just make a pull request, you just write a blog post, you just teach other developers how to setup their envs. Help us in discord, be an evangelist.


If the tokens and the NFTs exist forever in the blockchain, then the game must exist forever and the only way to do that is to make it open source, so any developer in any part of the world can setup and run the code.

Don’t like something? CHANGE IT

As is open source you can change any part of the game. You can run the game for yourself, make money with it, we encourage to implement any crazy idea you have. No limit, the licese of the code is MIT.

We are looking for you! Open source developer. Join us, The moment to shine is NOW

Looking for open source collaborators
Ee are looking for open source developers in Funflower farm!

Join the community

Please enter to our discord and share your ideas. Contact us in discord!


Our (and now your) repository is located here:

If you have any problem starting, enter our discord channel and we can make a call!

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