$FFF Token

Funflower farm uses only one token to power the entire blockchain ecosystem. (‘$FFF’)

FFF is the native utility token and the core currency of Funflower farm. $FFF is designed to accelerate the growth by incentivizing game engagement and it’s a utility token with several use cases inside our games. This utility token will also be used as a marketing tool for rewarding community members, developers, and content creators who contribute to expanding the metaverse


The Game contracts are in polygon mainnet.

Contract Address
$FFF token 0xECB21349DCfCb48b9Bd51B70A7618E5Fa00d2041
The Bank 0xebbbe833f528ed5206c52326a2c92665cacaa5a9


This event ONLY affects the FFF price to buy and sell plants. When plants are harvested in game they can be exchanged for the FFF Token. As more people farm and the overall supply increases, the rewards also lessen. This means someone playing in the early days will receive a significantly higher amount of rewards compared to someone in the future

Less than 500,000 $0.1
Less than 1,000,000 $0.004
Less than 5,000,000 $0.002
Less than 10,000,000 $0.001
Less than 20,000,000 $0.0005
Less than 30,000,000 $0.00025
Less than 40,000,000 $0.000125
Less than 50,000,000 $0.0000625
Every 10 millon tokens half again -

Buy and Trade

$FFF token can be bought or traded in Quick Swap

Token Action
WMATIC/FFF Buy or Trade

The Bank: Withdraw and Deposit

The Bank is the place where you can withdraw or deposit your FFF Tokens. Is one of the most important part of the game
Metamask Install site: use bank


w id fgfd


Supply Allocation

The token has a fixed total supply of 500,000,000, provisionally allocated to the below-described areas.

Strategic Partners 10.000.000 2%
Private Sale 20.000.000 4%
IDO Public Sale 2.500.000 0.5%
Team 100.000.000 20%
Advisors 15.000.000 3%
Marketing 25.000.000 5%
Play 2 Earn 250.000.000 50%
Reserve 52.500.000 10.5%
Liquidity 25.000.000 5%
TOTAL 500.000.000 100%

Contracts are Open Source

Contracts are Open Source so anyone can audit them, also we have a Suite of automated bots that test the code periodically.

Contract Address
$FFF Token FFToken.sol
The Bank Bank.sol

All Contracts code can be found in github here

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